Biltmore Oil

History of our Short Stop Stores

Originally, Biltmore Oil was a supplier for Atlantic Richfield Company, but in 1973 this company withdrew from the Southeastern market. At that time we entered into several new private label contracts and began marketing EBLEN brand gasoline, which resulted in the establishment of the first independent and company-owned EBLEN Retail Convenient Stores


Over the years, our company has become a leading wholesale gasoline supplier for commercial, government and retail customers. Today our new dealerships can be branded independent, Citgo or Pure. They are each provided with the benefit of our experience, store design, building and upgrading

Work with a company that gives back

When you choose us, you'll not only receive the highest quality products and service, but you'll also get the benefit of working with a company that gives back to the community. Over the years, Biltmore Oil has become deeply involved in the Asheville community and has created EBLEN Charities, which is a foundation that directly benefits local citizens.


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Depend on a leading wholesale gasoline supplier

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eblen short stop store

Short Stop Location and Info

Store #1

869 Brevard Rd. Asheville NC 28806

(828) 665-0574

store 1 store 2

Store #2

217 Amboy Rd. Asheville NC 28806

(828) 252-6624

store 3 store 7 store 8

Store #3

790 B Fairview Rd. Asheville NC 28803

(828) 274-3445

Store #7

210 Biltmore Ave. Asheville NC 28801

(828) 236-0760 

Store #8

1438 Tunnel Rd. Asheville NC 28805

(828) 298-9269 

Store #15

1185 Charlotte Hwy  Fairview, NC  28730